This page and the accompanying Inwood Twp Page are compliments of Wendy Burnis who lives in Schoolcraft County. This is the index she made of the family histories available at the library in Manistique, MI.
Here is a short index of Family Histories of Inwood Township.
Jacob Spielmacher Family
Leonard Carley Family
Frank Reid Family
Peter Archambeault Family
Joel L. Savage's Corner Store and Family
Arthur Yale Gray Family
John Haindl Family
Roy Landis Family
Mathew A. Walter Family
Garland Wolfe Family
Phillip A. Bouchard Family
William Gray Family
George W. and Jessie (Rivers) Gray Family
Charles Lakosky Family
Joseph I. Hardy Family
John William Middaugh Family
Dr. Merle E. Wehner
Bartholdt Arthur Hillson Home
John Leveille Family
Hans Lund
Thomas and Annie (Block) McManus Family