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Dibean File



1883 McGRAW-McNAMARA Our friend Frank McGraw is no more to be classed with the bachelor brotherhood; for on Monday last he was united in the bonds of matrimony to Miss Kate McNamara of this village. Dated March 31, 1883.
MADDEN-VASTBINDER There was a little matrimonial excitement Wednesday morning when it became known that our young friends, Mr. Eugene Madden and Miss Mate Vastbinder, had quietly walked into the office of Esquire Hill and at their earnest request the usual marriage ceremony had been performed; and they had thereby consummated a partnership that will last through life. Dated May 19, 1883.
MERSEREAU-COLEMAN At Ann Arbor on the evening of the 20th, by the Rev. J. T. Sunderland, Mr. J.D. Mersereau of Manistique, and Miss Nellie M. Coleman of the former place.
RUGGLES-HOWARTH We learn just as we go to press that on Thursday evening, Mr. Harry Ruggles was united in marriage to Miss Belle Howarth, by the Rev. H.W. Thompson. Dated September 1, 1883.
BALES-LAMBLY Married in this village on the 6th by Rev. J.B. Lambly, brother of the bride, Charles J. Bales, of Walla Walla, W.T. and Miss Francis A.F. Lambly, late of Bothwell Ontario. Dated September 8, 1883.
MITCHELLS-SNAY Married on September 8, by Squire Hill, Mr. Rockwell Mitchells to Miss Jennie Snay, all of Manistique. Dated September 15, 1883.
MACLAURIN-FULLER At the residence of the bride’s parents on Wednesday evening September 26 by the Rev. Mr. Lambly, Mr. George Maclaurin and Miss Georgia Fuller, all of this place. Mr. Maclaurin came here two years ago from Pontiac. Dated September 29, 1883.
PAULSON-GRAFF Married in this village on the 29th by Rev. J.B. Lambly, Peter Paulson and Miss Clara M. Graff, both of Manistique formerly of Norway. Dated October 6, 1883.
CARR-CAMPBELL Married at South Manistique October 17th, by the Rev. J.B. Lambly, Mr. Norman Carr and Miss Agnes Campbell, both of that village.
1884 BOUCHARD-CLARKOn January 28th, by Esquire Gayar, at the residence of the groom’s father, at Point Au Barques, Mr. George Bouchard and Miss Mary J. Clark. Dated February 9, 1884.
RAYZEE-LEFLAROn Thursday evening, the 21st at the residence of A.L. Orr, by the Rev. Mr. Williams, Mr. Adalbert Rayzee and Miss Minnie Leflar, all of this place.
RICE-KRUMICHAt Thompson on February 26th, by Esquire Gayar, Lemuel Rice and Alice Krumich, all of Thompson. Dated March 1, 1884.
SCHUTTY-PAQUINMarried in Hiawatha, April 13th, John Schutty to Miss Josephine Paquin.
BENESHEIK-HINNECKMarried at Fayette, on Monday last by Esquire Strickland, Mr. John Benesheik of Manistique to Miss Anna Hinneck of the former place. Dated June 4, 1884.
BROWN-O’LANDERMarried by Justice Clemmons on the 10th, Mr. Samuel Brown and Miss Charlotte O’Lander, all of Manistique. Dated June 11, 1884.
WILLIAMS-RUSHMarried at Murray, Canada, June 4th, 1884, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by the Rev. R.M. Pope, Rev. R. Williams of this place, to Miss Maria Rush, of the former place. Dated June 14, 1884.
EMSWORTH-SUGDENMarried in Manistique July 3rd, 1884 by Rev. J.B. Lambly, Mr. C.J. Emsworth and Mrs. Hannah Sugden. Dated July 5, 1884.
McAFEE-BORNMarried on Tuesday evening by Esq. Clemmons, Mr. John A. McAfee and Miss Bessie Born.
MIDDAUGH-WEISIn the Thornton (Ont.) Post, of a recent date, we find the following; Married on the 15th, at the residence of the bride’s father, in Merriton, by the Rev. Mr. White, Mr. Walter Middaugh, of Manistique, to Miss Kate, eldest daughter of Adam Weis. Dated September 27, 1884.
STALGEM-LAWSONMarried in this village on the 8th by the Rev. J.B. Lambly, Mr. Emil Stalgem and Miss Caroline Lawson, both of Manistique, formerly of Sweden. Dated October 11, 1884.
BURRELL-VELIEMarried on Monday evening last in this village, by the Rev. R. Pattinson, Mr. David W. Burrell and Miss Mary M. Velie, all of Manistique. Dated November 12, 1884.
KLAGSTADT-PAULSONMarried, in this village on Saturday November 8th by Rev. J. B. Lambly, Mr. Cornelius Klagstadt and Miss Annie Paulson, both of Manistique, formerly of Norway. Dated November 12, 1884.
WHEELER-GILLMarried at the residence of Dr. Walker, by Rev. R. Pattinson, November 20th, Mr. Calvin S. Wheeler and Miss Addie Gill, both of Manistique. Dated November 22, 1884.
THESSEN-CHRISTENSONMarried on Sunday evening, the 23rd, at the residence of the bride’s brother, James Christenson, by the Rev. P.J. Kallstram, Mr. Charles Thessen and Miss Annie Christenson, all of this place. Dated November 26, 1884.
1885 HAMMEL-FENTON Married at the home of the bride, in Campbelltown, NY, on the 27th, Mr. Henry Hammel of Manistique and Miss Mary Fenton of the former place. Dated February 4, 1885.
CAREY-WAGNER Cards are out for the marriage of our friend, J.F. Carey, the prosecuting attorney of this county, and Miss Mary Wagner of Marquette. The ceremony is to take place in the latter city on the 12th. Dated February 7, 1885.
VALLOR-LAMARBEMarried in this village on the 9th at the residence of the bride’s brother, by D.W. Thompson, Esq., Thomas Vallor and Mary Lamarbe, all of this place. Dated April 11, 1885.
NEUMEIER-HUBER Married on Monday evening at the residence of Joseph Nalinger, by J.M. Johnson, Esq., Mr. Louis Neumeier and Miss Sophia Huber. Dated May 13, 1885.
FOX-SMITHERS Married in this village, May 10, 1885, at the home of the bride’s parents, by Rev. R. Pattinson, Mr. Asher Fox and Miss Elizabeth Smithers, all of Manistique. Dated May 13, 1885.
WENBERG-FRANTZ Married on Monday evening last by J.M. Johnson, Esq., Mr. John Wenberg and Miss Elenora Frantz. Dated May 20, 1885.
WOOSTER-BRASSIT Married on Monday evening at the residence of Henri Brassil, father of the bride, by D.W. Thompson, Esq., Mr. Charles Wooster and Miss Lizzie Brassit. Dated July 15, 1885.
BURLY-MILLER Married at M.E. Parsonage, Tuesday night by Rev. R. Pattinson, Mr. Chas. Burly and Miss Ella Miller, both of Manistique. Dated July 22, 1885.
YEAGER-KAPLING On the 20th day of July, 1885, D.W. Thompson, Esq., at his office, united in the “holy bonds of matrimony” Mr. Jacob Yeager and Laura Kapling.
McDONALD-BLACK It will be remembered that a few weeks ago, Mr. Archie McDonald and Miss Mamie Black endeavored to get married; but the young lady’s friends interposed and the matter was postponed until a more convenient season. The pair finally succeeded, Thursday night, in eluding the vigilance of all opponents and about midnight the ceremony that made them partners for life was performed by the Rev. R. Pattinson. The parties both being of lawful age to marry had a perfect right to do so as far as the public is concerned; and now, after extending to them the best wishes for their happiness in the future, let the same public forever after “hold its peace.” Both parties are well known and respected here; and we hope they will make up their minds to become permanent citizens of Manistique. Dated July 25, 1885.
BRENSTROM-CARLSON Saturday evening at the residence of Mr. August Svenson, Mr. August Brenstrom and Mrs. Hanna Carlson. Dated August 12, 1885.
DANIELSON-BRETSCHNEIDER On Sunday evening at the residence of Mr. J.L. Runstrom, Mr. John Danielson and Miss Thora Bretschneider; all of Sweden. Dated August 12, 1885.
BUTTON-PARKER Married on Wednesday evening last at the residence of Mr. Charles Button, by the Rev. A. Cornell, Mr. William Button of Pontiac and Miss Maggie Parker, of this place. Dated August 22, 1885.
JOHNSON-LUNSTEEN Married on Saturday evening, September 5th at Manistique, by Rev. R. Pattinson, Christian Johnson and Miss Dorothea Lunsteen. Dated September 8, 1885.
KEMP-LIDENELL Married on Saturday evening by Rev. A. Cornell, Frank Kemp and Miss Lidenell. Dated September 15, 1885.
SMITH-FLUETT Married on Sunday by D.W. Thompson, Esq., William Smith Jr. and Miss Pearl E. Fluett. Dated September 15, 1885.
WIENEK-CIRBEL WINTER-MATTHEWS Married Saturday evening September 19th at the residence of August Winkle by D. W. Thompson, Esq., Martin Wienek to Minnie Cirbel; also John Winter and Bertha Matthews. This is the first double wedding Manistique has been favored with for a long time.
DALEN-HOLM Married at ME parsonage, on Wednesday night by Rev. R. Pattinson, Mr. John Dalen and Miss Christina Holm, both of Manistique. Dated September 25, 1885.
DEMORAK-MAZZEE Married on the evening of the 28th, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by D.W. Thompson, Esq., Mr. Joseph Demorak and Victoria Mazzee, all of Manistique. Dated September 29, 1885.
BLACK-KOLER John Black in the employ of the Delta Lumber Co., and Miss Kate Koler of Cheboygan, were united in marriage at Garden on Monday. They will at once commence house-keeping in Thompson. Dated October 13, 1885.
ERIKSEN-JUHL Last Saturday evening by the aid of the Rev. Mr. Pattinson, August Eriksen and Anna Juhl became man and wife. Dated October 20, 1885.
HOGUE-WINKLE Mr. Thomas Hogue and Miss Bertha Winkle left yesterday on a visit to Garden. It is publicly announced here that when they return it will be as Mr. and Mrs. Hogue. Dated October 20, 1885.
McCAUL-LAMBLY Married in Au Sable on the 14th by the Rev. J.B. Lambly, D.C. McCaul and Miss Kate Lambly. Dated October 23, 1885.
COBURN-SCHAFFER Miss Katie Schaffer, of Onata, sister to our friend C.H. Schaffer, was married on Monday last to Henry W. Coburn, of Marquette. Dated October 30, 1885.